Saturday, April 10, 2010

The "Melaina Comics" iPhone App is Out!

Thanks to the talent of Nicholas Iannone with the coloring and coding, we have released my first iPhone comic application. The app was launched the same day as Apple's new iPad. Although the application was developed with the small interface of the iPhone and iPod Touch in mind, this application can also be viewed using the iPad. Electronic comics have become increasingly popular - from web comics to the launching of applications by well-known comic companies, such as Archie and Dark Horse. And now my indie comics will be joining with the bigger companies, such as Marvel Comics (who also released an application in time for the iPad launch) in making comics available to the electronic audience.

I am a San Francisco-based cartoonist. My comics on the app, like my self-published comics, are autobiographical and cover topics such as dating, relationships with exes, and bisexual themes. Due to my work as a nurse, there is also a little medical education thrown in. Featured in this application are full-color comics made available exclusively for this app.

The gorgeous coloring was done by Nicholas Iannone (who was also the coder / creator for the application and yes, he is also my fiance). Nicholas has colored comics for national syndicates such as King, Creators and United.

To check out the app, go to:

"Melaina is... very hip and smart and funny, and I look forward to reading more of her painfully honest work." -
-Whitney Matheson, Pop Candy, USA Today