Monday, September 20, 2010

SPX (Small Press Expo) 2010

For the first time, I crossed the great divide in this country - the Mississippi River - with my comics. Actually, it was the first time I even left the state of California with my comics. And the occasion? Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. I haven't ever had the extra cash on hand to pay for plane tickets or lodging at comic conventions outside San Francisco (no, my comics don't even remotely cover my expenses). But this convention was 30-minutes from my sister's house. And seeing as I owed a visit to see my newest nephew, Logan (who is now 6-months old), I had a great excuse to make the trip.

This was the first time my family was able to see me in action. Both of my parents, my sister, my nephews Melvin and Logan, my cousins Mary & Tristan - all came out to see me at SPX. I enjoyed watching my early-teen nephew and tween cousin running around looking for buttons. And was highly entertained when I approached the tables of... not one... but TWO... women cartoonists and they immediately told me that they'd met my father (he got to walk around and check things out before I did). Ha! Even 2 years ago, I may have found that terribly embarrassing. But instead, I was totally amused. Another unexpected delight was when Kami, a friend of mine from high school (I went to high school in Maryland) showed up. I hadn't seen her since high school graduation (and no, I will not date myself and post what year that was, but we'll just say it was a loooooong time ago).

But the best part was meeting all of the cartoonists who were there, many of whom I'd never heard of before, as I haven't been involved in the East coast cartoonists scene. There are so many very talented people out there! I was deeply inspired and have been relishing the comics I've brought home with me. Thank you to all of you for making my first out-of-state comics experience so very worthwhile!